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MSA Autumn Meeting

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Paediatric Anaesthesia

Thursday 5 October 2006
Post Graduate Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingahm

The presentations have all been converted to black and white text and are all in pdf format. Copyright remains with the author unless stated otherwise.


Welcome & IntroductionSandy Stewart
Neonatal Resuscitation (2.4MB)Dr A Ewer
Birmingham Women's Hospital
Paediatric Stabilisation and Transport
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Intercurrent Illness and Anaesthesia (540KB)Dr A Tatman
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Child Protection / Consent / Ethics(710KB)Dr A Cranston
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Fluid Management in Paediatric Anaesthesia - Northern Ireland Experience (120KB) Dr P Crean
Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children
Perioperative Intravenous Fluids in Children (65KB) Dr O Bagshaw
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Preoperative and Procedural Sedation Issues (1.1MB) Dr M Stokes
Birmingham Children's Hospital
Paediatric Analgesia Up-date (520KB)Dr A Moriarty
Birmingham Children's Hospital
GUEST LECTURE: "Future Role of the Paediatric Anaesthetist in the DGH" (440KB) Dr P Crean
President of the Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists

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