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MSA Registrars Prize Meeting

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Wednesday 16th March 2006

Queen's Hospital Burton on Trent.

Dr K Venkatesan

Reduction of unnescessary cancellation of Patients in Day Surgery due to high blood pressure.

Dr K Venkatesan
Dr P Vijayanand

Intractable neuropathic pain. A Case Report.

Dr P Vijayanand
Dr A Govindarajan

Risk factors for major blod loss in women with placenta previa requiring Caesarean Section

Dr A Govindarajan
Dr L Linhartova (First Prize)

Prolonged confusion and hyperpyrexia following methylene blue infusion during parathyroidectomy

Dr L Linhartova
Dr E da Silva

Selecting the optimum laryngeal mask airway. The role of the Guedel airway.

Dr E Briggs

Audit on the optimum length of central venous catheters for paediatric patients

Dr E Briggs
Mrs Scattergood and helperDr M Porter

On becoming a Consultant - What you did not realise you needed to know

(Such as you need flash to take photographs when the lights are out!)

DR M Porter
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