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Welcome to this section of the Midland Society of Anaesthetists website, which provides information about the training opportunities available within the West Midlands Deanery. Below is a general introduction to anaesthetic training within the Deanery - more information about the individual Schools can be found on the appropriate pages.

The West Midlands Deanery is unique as is the only Deanery that is absolutely co-terminous with its Region. It developed in this way because, to-date, Birmingham University has been the only undergraduate Medical School in the Region. This is changing with the development of undergraduate Medical Schools based at the Universities of Keele (Stoke School) and Warwick (Warwickshire School), although this is not expected to change the structure of the Deanery.

The delivery of postgraduate anaesthetic training within the Deanery is based on three Schools of Anaesthesia (Birmingham, Warwickshire and Stoke). Each School has a well-developed, independent, training programme with the Birmingham Children’s Hospital the only hospital that provides routine training opportunities to trainees from all 3 Schools. There is close liaison between the 3 Schools through the Deanery Anaesthetic Training Committee structure, which ensures that all trainees have access to appropriate training opportunities. There are ample opportunities for subspecialty training and out-of-School experience is encouraged. The hospitals associated with the Schools are listed below:

West Midlands  Non-Clickable Map The hospitals that form the West Midland's Schools of Anaesthesia are shown on the map. When the map is active clicking on a hospital will take you to the school it is part of. Where hospitals have their own website the link is available on the school page and also the links page

Birmingham University

Birmingham School


Stoke School